New visual identity for BD Technologies

2023 and 2024 are years of change for BD Technologies, which is taking a decidedly more modern turn in its visual identity and communications.

In 2023, the company’s historic logo was radically redesigned in a more contemporary spirit.
The latter was previously formed from the two initials of the founders of Bessède & Dupleix, the parent company that became BD Technologies after its takeover in 2011.
These two letters seemed to be carved out of a block of metal, which is the core of our precision machining business.

The new logo is much cleaner and more minimalist.
In the image, it takes up the silhouette of a B, retaining some of the aluminum color, the main material we machine.

The company name is now spelled out in full, making it easier to read, and is associated with the word representing our core business.

Some will see the logo symbol as an aluminum chip resulting from the machining of a workpiece, others as a bent piece of metal, and still others as the tip of a drill bit. In the end, everyone can see what they want according to their own imagination.

In 2024, it’s the website’s turn for a facelift.
Today, it’s much more user-friendly and, we hope, offers a fine showcase for our company and our profession.
We wanted to describe as precisely as possible our business, our equipment, the various options available to our customers and the answers we can provide to their needs.
The “Contact” page now offers the option of requesting a quote with an attachment – such as a plan, for example.

And on our premises, the meeting room has also benefited from this renewal. It has been completely revamped, providing a beautiful space for working and receiving our customers.

These various changes reflect our perpetual desire for evolution, continuous general improvement and our desire to make a lasting contribution to the future.

Enjoy browsing this new site, and don’t hesitate to send us your comments or suggestions.